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  • Zend Captcha image example

    This is just a quick example of how you can deploy Zend...

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    CSV to XML script

    This is an example script processing data from two different CSV files...

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    use HTML in Zend Form Label

    To use HTML in a Zend Framework Form standard label you will...

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    Simple 301 redirect using mod_alias

    To do redirects in the Apache webserver you can of course use...

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    Count linebreaks

    This function is quite quick and efficient in counting and returning the...

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    Use Zend mail with Zend view

    Here acute s an example combining Zend mail and Zend View for...

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    Find directory by name using the find command

    To find a directory in a subdirectory of the current directory by...

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    CSS3 transition example

    The CSS transition specification makes it possible to make very impressive animations...

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    box-shadow inset example

    Here's an example of the box-shadow property using the inset directive.This will...

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    set selected Zend Form select

    To set the selected value of a select element in a Zend...

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    Include once method for JavaScript

    The following code mimics the php include once functionality in that it...

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    Write post data to XML

    Here's a short script that will receive data from a form and...

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    Quick PHP write to file example

    The following code tries to open a file creates it if it...

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    Prototype inheritance example

    Many experienced programmers try to impose classical OO structures on JavaScript. Although...

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    Open an iframe and set source with JavaScript

    Often when you want to display content from remote sites or applications...

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    Simple RSS proxy script PHP

    The first line of following php code produces an http header signifying...

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    Clear form with jQuery

    To clear the text textareas passwords selects radios and checkboxes but leave...

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